Salvation and Redemption

The approach taken by the Church fathers to know who God is by studying the history of rescue events recorded in Scripture. Then, based on these events was undertaken of discernment on what is being revealed about the life of the triune God. Consistent with this approach, the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) elaborates misery, death and resurrection, beginning with a historical explanation about the process that led to the death of Jesus. However, the explanations quickly followed by revealing their theological context and the redemption of the death and resurrection of Jesus in more depth.

In this short article, we will observe what is taught by the CCC of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus, to be able to see the theological meaning and redemption of these historical events. From this perspective, we can understand better the desired God, the impact of the events of our lives.
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Salvation and reason why we celebrate Easter day

We are saved not only by the death of Jesus; the death of Jesus atoned for us. But more and more we are saved by the life of Jesus ‘ resurrection.
In other words, we are saved by his resurrection. This means the death of Jesus reconciling us with God and live resurrection (resurrected life) that saved us. Not only was the death of Jesus is essential to our salvation but moreover his resurrection.

Though many people are unwilling to accept the truth of the resurrection of Jesus, but there is evidence that make these events are difficult to resist.

Frank Morrison was a lawyer who grew up in the neighborhood that rationalistic Unitarians. For him, the rise was a mere delusion. She took three years to learn all the facts to prove that the story of the resurrection was a myth.
But after studying the facts, in fact arrived at a different conclusion. The evidence is found to make it had to be concluded that Jesus actually rose from the dead. Morrison then wrote a book, “Who Moved the Stone” (who moved the stone?). There are many books written about this subject including, “Evidence that Demands a Verdict” (proof that demands a decision) by Josh Mc Dowell.
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Faith Momentum

Why Christians celebrate Christmas day rather than the feast of the Passover? It is not easy to understand the meaning of Passover, often there here arises the question, how could humans rise from the dead? ” Therefore, the celebration of Christmas looks more festive, since every human being having the birth, but the resurrection from the dead, who is having except Jesus Christ?
“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” (Lk 23: 34)

About the resurrection of Jesus is not even a single human being who became eyewitnesses. Nor do the Scriptures relate how the event occurred. Four evangelist was only providing information that now after the Sabbath, Jesus ‘ disciples went to his grave stone Tomb doors, turns out to have been deposed and in goa was not found the corpse of Jesus, only the cover. Matthew, Luke and mark, adding that he is risen!
“Truly, I say to you today you shall be with me in there in paradise.” (Lk 23: 43)
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Biblical and its Implication

“What is the Gospel?” This question is a question that we must continually asked as followers of Christ. The Christian life is not starting with the Gospel, “believing in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior”, and continued with the “teaching-teaching that is deeper than the Gospel”. The entire Christian life is an experience of wholeness of the Gospel.

Many people understand the Gospel in a half. Particularly in the Evangelical, among the many who understand the Gospel of salvation in glasses “go to heaven” (with the word “Heaven” are defined respectively). In order to “go to heaven”, Christianity is often offered only in the perspective of the remission of sin, because the penalty of our sins have been taken away by the Lord Jesus Christ.

Indeed one aspect of salvation is the Lord Jesus Christ who died for our sins, judged. But if only it were constantly buzzed, then in fact we have reduced the content of the Gospel!
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Resurrection Benefit

All religions, except the 4 major religions, based upon philosophy. Of the 4 major religions based on the personality of its founder, only Christianity that stated empty tomb for its founder.

Without the resurrection, Christian faith is unlikely to emerge. His disciples are merely a symbol of defeat and destruction. Maybe they will remember their beloved teacher Jesus, and crucifixion would just wipe out the hope of Messiah. Cross will look pathetic and embarrassing as the end of the career of Jesus.
Early Christianity is very dependent upon the trust of his disciples that God raised Jesus from the dead.

If asked why the resurrection of Jesus Christ is referred to as proof He is the son of God?
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